Popular Questions and Answers

How do I apply for the volunteer program?
First make sure that you fit the criteria stated on the info sheet; Second, you fill in the registration form and attach all the necessary documents; Third, you receive from the KPC office an answer that your volunteer visa has been approved by the interior office; Forth you buy the flight ticket; Fifth and last, following a short interview upon your arrival to the KPC's office in Tel Aviv, you will be placed in a kibbutz.
How do I get to your office from the airport?

First possibility: From the airport take the internal bus no. 5 (3 floor in the airport terminal) to bus no. 475 to Tel Aviv central bus station.  From there take Bus No. 70 which stops at Shaul Hamelech / Leonardo Da Vinci Str. every 10-15 minutes.

Second possibility - From the airport take the train to Azrieli Train Station (I'ts called also "Hashalon Station"). From there take Bus No. 56 which stops in front of the Kibbutz Movement (13 Leonardo da Vinci St.)

Our office is open from Sunday to Thursday, 8:30 to 14:30, so, if you arrive in the afternoon or in the weekends (Friday and Saturday) and will have to spend the night in Tel Aviv, take the same bus to Tel Aviv and book in to a hostel. Then come to our office the following morning or Sunday morning. Remember that our weekend is Friday and Saturday and that Sunday is a regular weekday with regular office hours.

Can you recommend a nice hostel?

Hayarkon 48 Hostel
48 Hayarkon St
Tel Aviv

Momo’s Hostel
28 Ben yehuda St.
Tel Aviv

Sky Hostel
34 Ben Yehuda St.
Tel Aviv

Please note it's only a friendly recommendation, and we cannot assume any responsibility regarding this or any accommodations.
In the summer, we recommend to book in advance.

What is this Medical certificate that you ask for?
You need to download our medical form and have your family Doctor fill it in in English and sign on it, stating that you are physically and mentally healthy and fit for work in the kibbutz.
Can I know which kibbutz I will go to before I leave my country for Israel?
We do not allocate places in any Kibbutz in advance. The placement in the Kibbutz is subject to a short interview in our office and the vacancies in the Kibbutzim upon your arrival to our office in Tel Aviv
Can situations occur in which I won’t have a kibbutz that I want to go to?
The placement in the Kibbutz is subject to a short interview in our office in Tel Aviv. We try to do our best to place all volunteers in the Kibbutzim they choose or prefer going to, depending on the vacancies in the Kibbutzim, upon their arrival to our office.
Can I choose my work?
This is a question of available work places and of which season you wish to arrive in and the work options in each Kibbutz.
Can I move from one Kibbutz to another?
The placement is in the same Kibbutz during the whole period of volunteering not subject to the duration of volunteering or any other matter.
What equipment is recommended to bring?
The Kibbutz supplies sheets, but you should bring two towels with you. Not all of the Kibbutzim provide working cloths or working shoes. It is recommended to bring good and comfortable shoes for physical work. The Kibbutz provides laundry but you should bring enough clothes for ten day-warm clothes for the winter and light clothes for the summer. Toiletries you can purchase in the Kibbutz grocery store. It is not recommended to bring valuable things since not in all of the Kibbutzim there is a safety box.