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Pay attention🤍 Due to the requirements of the Israeli Ministry of the Interior, applicants from the following countries must register through our partners in their country:
South Africa | China | Brasil | Ecuador | Guatemala | MĂ©xico | Colombia | Honduras | Peru |South-Korea

(The list is updated according to the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior)


Please ensure that you complete the registration process ahead of time as it can take up to one month to receive the approval of the Israeli Interior Ministry.  Once you receive the approval, you can then start planning your trip to Israel and book your flight.

In several countries, the KPC has local kibbutz representatives who can answer any question you may have, help you through the application process and provide you with the information you need in your own language.  The local representatives can also handle group registrations and request placement in a specific kibbutz. A local extra fee may be charged for these services.
The payment in the amount of 1700 NIS for the KPC Office will be collected in advance by the local representative and will not have to be paid in the office in Tel Aviv.
Registering through a representative grants you with 40$ discount.

Applicants from South Korea, China and South Africa  can only register through the local representative or partner organization. 
Applicants  from all the countries in Latin America are required to register through one of the following agencies/ partner organizations in one of these countries: Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico.  
Please note that applicants from Latin America are not obligated to necessarily choose the agency in their own country.

Our Local Representative


Volunteers World Brazil

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China - Kibbutz Program Center

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Kibbutz Life

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Costa-Rica - Kibbutz Program Center

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Kibbutz Ecuador

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El-Salvador - Kibbutz Program Center

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DRK - German Red Cross

IJGD - Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste

KFA - Kölner Freiwilligen Agentur

IB-VAP - Volunteers' Abroad Programs

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Guatemala - Kibbutz Program Center

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Honduras - Kibbutz Program Center

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The Makuya Center in Jerusalem

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EspecializaZion Kibbutz

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Nicaragua - Kibbutz Program Center

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Panamá -  Kibbutz Program Center

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OVC - Work Study Travel

YDP - Youth Discovery Program

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Kibbutz Net-A Korea

Kibbutz Korea Ltd

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