Office Hours


 The Jewish New Year - Rosh HaShana
Monday - 6/9 until Wednesday 8/9 - the office is closed

Yom Kippur -
Wednesday 15/9 Thursday 16/9 - The office is closed

Sukkot -
Monday 20/9 until Tuesday 28/9 - the office is closed throughout the period.

See you soon!
Keren Pardo
Kibbutz Volunteers Program Center

The office in Tel Aviv is closed to the public, all assignments to the kibbutzim are made in advance for those who sign up for the program
Arrival is directly to the kibbutz from Ben Gurion Airport.
The office is active for telephone inquiries and emails during working hours.
Sunday to Thursday - 08:30 14:30
On Fridays and Saturdays the office is closed

As we published, we are very happy that the entry of volunteers into Israel has been approved.
Israel is still in the process of getting out of the pandemic and therefore there are measures of precaution that are being taken against COVID 19 to those entering the country.
Every day there are new updates and new regulations - we make efforts to inform our candidates of any new regulations.

Starting Friday, September 3 - anyone entering Israel from an orange country and is vaccinated may come out of quarantine after 24 hours or a negative PCR test - whichever comes first ... 
Of course there is the exception - A person who has received a corona vaccine not in the State of Israel can leave isolation only after a serological test and a negative PCR test. The good news - one can now do both tests at the airport at a discounted price and pay in advance at the following link:

inbound statement form (24 hours before boarding the plane) a link will be sent to your email for payment.
inbound statement form
These are the details as they appear on the website of the Ministry of Health -

In addition to the usual conditions there is a new mandatory condition -
a "vaccination obligation". Those who have been vaccinated for Covid-19 or will prove it with a medical document  - Certificate of recovery from Covid-19.
The certificate is valid only for six months so if you fall into this category and want to come to Israel to volunteer at a Kibbutz - we are waiting for you, at the regular place

Please be advised that due to the Covid-19 special regulations all arrivals in Israel have to be picked up from the airport directly into a 10-day quarantine period.
For this reason there are now additional costs added to the regular program fees:
Transportation from the Airport to the Kibbutz 300 NIS + 50 NIS a day x 10 days for Quarantine (including accommodation, food, laundry and WIFI) = total of 800 NIS.
(All the costs above are subsidized by the Kibbutzim and the program)

Upon arrival in Israel, all inbound passengers must have a COVID-19 PCR test done - As of 1/6/2021 there will be a charge for the sest - once you fill the
inbound statement form (24 hours before boarding the plane) a link will be sent to your email for payment.
inbound statement form

9/8/2021 UpDate - New regulations
Due to a new Covid-19 outbreak, guidelines in Israel change every week.
As of  Aug. 11 until further notice -
this is the list of countries that are banned for entry:
South Africa

See you soon!