Step by step

Please be sure to complete the registration process ahead of time as the procedure may take a month and a half up to two months until you obtain the entrance visa at the Israeli embassy/consulate closest to your place of residence.
After obtaining the entrance visa in the passport, you may start planning your trip to Israel and book the flight.

The cost of the program is a payment of $40 at the end of registration (Non-refundable)
Upon approval of the visa from the Ministry of the Interior, an email will be sent to you with all the details on how to obtain the visa at the Israeli Embassy/Consulate according to your request.
Also, you will be sent a request to pay the participation fee of NIS 1700 - the payment will be made through a PayPal link that will be attached to the email.

Please note 🤍 - If at the end of the entire procedure, you will not be able to come to volunteer, a refund will only be given for the payment fee of NIS 1700

Step 1

Make sure that you fit the criteria stated on our website
  • Age 18-35
  • Reasonable English
  • Good Health – mentally and physically
  • Volunteering between 10 weeks to twelve months
  • Passport valid for at least six months from the date of departure! (end of volunteering)

Step 2

The registration procedure
Enter the "Apply now" link for registration
The registration procedure includes six steps:
  • Filling in personal information
  • Attaching the following documents:
    1. An updated photo of your face.
    2. A scanned copy of your passport (the page with your picture)
    3. Volunteer's declaration form (The two pages must be uploaded as one document (PDF))
    4. Medical form filled and signed by your Family Doctor & Health Statement for Medical Insurance
    5. Police clearance certificate for no criminal records in English - or with an official translation to English. 
    6. Application for entry visa to Israel
    7. Covid-19 vaccination certificate or recovery certificate
    8. Applicant's declaration for entry permit to the State of Israel - NOT NEEDED ANY MORE - upload a blank page
    9. Motivation Letter - What should appear in the motivation letter:
    • What areas of volunteering interest you in terms of work places; animals, agriculture, environment, education or other
    • What place in the country interests you - north, south (desert), center.
  • Paying 40$ online for the processing fee

Step 3

Your application has been approved
  • The forms you submitted are being examined by the KPC office.

  • After finding that all the forms are in order, we can proceed to the next step; an interview with the volunteer coordinator at the kibbutz and a representative from the KPC office. We make efforts to find the right kibbutz for you, but we are not always able to place you in the kibbutz you are most interested being in (it depends on whether there is a vacancy in the kibbutz etc'). That is why it is important to receive from you a list of preferences of kibbutzim in descending order - please note that here you can see the list of kibbutzim that take part in the program. Please note 🤍 We are unable to conduct an interview for you with each & every kibbutz in the program, please understand this

  • After the interview step, we will move to the next step - the visa application at the Ministry of the Interior - under the responsibility of the KPC office - this usually takes about a week + -  This will be done about 4 weeks before your planned date of arrival to Israel.

  • Upon approval of the visa from the Ministry of the Interior, an email will be sent to you with all the details on how to obtain the visa at the Israeli Embassy/Consulate near your place of residence. (Know that you will have to physically attend the embassy)   Also, you will be sent a request to pay the participation fee of NIS 1700 - the payment will be made through a PayPal link that will be attached to the email.    According to the rules of the Israeli Interior office, you can not enter Israel before you received the entrance visa stamp in the Israeli consulate.

You now have 30 days from the day we applied for your visa to visit the Israeli consulate in your country in order to obtain a permit to enter Israel.  From the moment you receive the entry stamp in the passport, it will be valid for 3 months, you can see on the sticker of the visa you received in the passport the validity. If you do not enter Israel within this time - the visa will expire and the procedure with the Israeli Ministry of the Interior will have to start again. In this case you will be required to pay the $ 40 commission again.

Step 4

Buy a back and forth flight ticket to come to Israel.

Before entering Israel you must obtain the visa in your passport
 In order to obtain the visa you need make an appointment at the embassy/consulate that you indicated on the visa application form - contact them by email, phone or making an appointment on their website - if you arrived with out an appointment, you may return empty-handed
At this meeting in the embassy/consulate you will receive the visa stamp to enter Israel as a volunteer.
Please note that you will not be able to enter Israel as a volunteer without this visa, we ask that you do not purchase a plane ticket before obtaining the visa in your passport !
After obtaining the visa stamp in your passport, you may purchase a plane ticket (in consultation with the volunteer coordinator about the date and time of arrival)

Please make sure that you have the following with you when coming to Israel:
  • Passport
  • A photocopy of the picture page of your passport (which shows your picture and citizenship details)
  • Return ticket
  • Our medical form, filled, signed and stamped by your family Doctor – you will need to present it at the kibbutz.
  • Our volunteer's declaration - you will need to present it at the kibbutz.
  • Applicant's declaration for entry permit to the State of Israel 
  • 400 NIS as a cash deposit payable at your assigned kibbutz
  • at least 1000 NIS for various expenses during your stay
  • International credit card
  • Please note that you will also need NIS 200 for any visa extension that will be required after four months of stay usually.

1700 NIS  payment for participation in the program - Done through a PayPal link sent to you 

Recommended equipment
Please limit the valuables that you are bringing with you to the kibbutz to the minimum necessary.
All weather
Working clothes
  • Extra clothes
  • Closed shoes (working and hiking)
  • Extra bag
  • Two towels
  • Toiletries
  • Transformer
  • Flash light

Light clothes (t-shirts and shorts/skirts)
  • Sandals
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen

  • Trousers
  • Coat

    Please note - the office in Tel Aviv was relocated and is now in Kibbutz Yakum - an appointment at the office itself will be made at least two weeks in advance..

Step 5

Flight and arrival in Israel
It is not required to present a negative result on a COVID test before boarding a flight to Israel or a cruise to Israel or before arriving at an Israeli land border crossing. Nor will you be required to undergo a corona test upon landing
At the same time note that there are airlines that do require require presentation of a COVID 19 vaccine or a negative corona test and it is your responsibility to check with the airline what their requirements are 

  • The PCR testing mandate for those entering Israel at airports and maritime and land border crossings lifted.
  • It will not be required to isolate after entering Israel.
  • The mask mandate during international flights –Depends on the airline
  • The requirement to fill an entry statement before arriving in Israel via air or sea – CANCELED

Please make sure to keep the blue card, which you will receive at the Israeli border - you will have to attach it to your passport and show it to the volunteer coordinator at the kibbutz.
This blue note is actually your residence permit in Israel (your volunteers visa)

If you are planning to stay in our program for more than three months you will need to pay NIS 200 for each three-month visa extension and fill in the following form

Travelling outside the borders of Israel, for a period of a few days up to two months, whilst Volunteering in the kibbutz – is possible.
First, you have to receive approval from your volunteer leader in the Kibbutz and then complete the application form for Re-Entry Visa and under their guidance, whether you are leaving by foot or by flight.
That is so your volunteer visa will be kept. The cost of the visa is 100 NIS

Our health insurance is mandatory and is included in the payment of NIS 1700. The insurance payment is valid for up to a year; however, the volunteer will have to report to their volunteer coordinator well in advance of any extension of stay, and this is so that we can handle the extension of the insurance