Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon

Image Rakaz Kibbutz
Yehudit Shams
Name Rakaz Kibbutz
Yehudit Shams, , volunteers coordinator in Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon

Was established in 1933 by a group of 10 pioneers from Russia and Poland in the Sharon valley. This area was flooded with swamps and Malaria disease. After few years of draining the swamps they managed to establish a flourishing village that is gradually growing. Today 600 people (include childrens) are living in the kibbutz. The economic base of the kibbutz is divided into agriculture crops ( avocado and citrus plantation, wheat and corn fields) and large number of members who works off the kibbutz at various jobs. A large oservice sector insure that the kibbutz is highly independent and includes kitchen, dining room, laundry, kinder gardens, education system, health service, etc'. In Mishmar Hasharon we have a long and traditional culture life of celebrating all the Jweish Holidays Tzionist education.

Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon is located in the center of Israel on high way number 4. Pretty closed to the city Netanya and to the coast of the Mediterranean. Public transportation is very easy to use inside and outside the kibbutz. The kibbutz has free time facilities includes sports yards, swimming pool and gym. Also, large nature spaces for walking and running.

The volunteers in our kibbutz are working mainly in the kibbutz's food branch (dining room, kitchen, food shop) and in the gardens of the kibbutz.

The living accommodation of the volunteers in the kibbutz: Our volunteers are living in a kind of a dorm. It is a long building with 5 bed rooms, long hall, 2 showers and 2 toilets in one side of the building and a club room (free time room) in the other side include seating area, t.v., cold and hot drinks service, refrigerator. Each room is mostly share for 2 volunteers. In the room we have beds, big closet, chairs, writing corner, and air conditioner. We supply beddings, blanket, pillow, work cloth and laundry bags. We recommend you to bring work shoes and towels. (Our inventory of shoes and towels is quite small and not always fitt every one). Next by to the living house we have a dining room and kitchen which is equipped with all what you need for making your breakfast and supper. Lunch, which is the main hot meal you get in the kibbutz's dining room. Internet is within reach and free all over the building. Out side the dorm we have a large area of lawns and picnic tables for nice free time.


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Please note that the information on this page is general information about the kibbutz. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed in this kibbutz. The placement in the kibbutz is decided only following an interview between the KPC staff and the volunteer, upon his arrival to our office in Tel Aviv. We are unable to commit a placement in the kibbutz in advance.