Kibbutz EIN GEV

Image Rakaz Kibbutz
Rica Kaizer, Volunteers coordinator in Ein Gev
Name Rakaz Kibbutz
Rica Kaizer, Volunteers coordinator in Ein Gev

Kibbutz Ein gev is a secular kibbutz with a kosher dining hall and an active synagogue, located right on the shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee. The kibbutz was established in 1937 as a "Wall and tower" settlement. The original settlers were immigrants from Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria, and the Baltic countries. Using intensive cultivation methods, they developed banana plantations and they also fished the nearby Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).

During the War of Independence, the kibbutz was under heavy attack by the Syrian army that invaded Israel from the north. 

Today there are 700 residents in the kibbutz. The residents of Ein Gev enjoy not only a lively community life, but the fact that they live right on the shore. The view from the kibbutz houses combines beautifully between the Sea of ​​Galilee and the Golan Heights. The children of Kibbutz Ein Gev are an inseparable part of the young community in the Jordan Valley Regional Council. Life in Kibbutz Ein Gev has a lot to do with activities in education, culture, sports, the community, the arts, the economy, and more.

The kibbutz operates a very successful holiday resort (with dozens of accommodations for guests and a wonderful beach) which provides the main income of the kibbutz. There is also a renowned fish restaurant (one of the oldest in Israel) serving fish from the lake Kinneret.

The kibbutz also has a 2,500-seat concert hall to accommodate the Ein Gev Music Festival, held annually during Passover

Volunteers are also needed to help with gardening, in the sub-tropical plantation. Agricultural is key at Ein Gev with over 500 acres of farmland where banana plantations have the fair share but you can also find mangos, dates, avocados and citrus plantations. Hundreds of cows are also on site.

Ein Gev benefits from good direct bus connections direct to Tel Aviv & Jerusalem just outside the kibbutz gate. There are good hiking areas close by and the volunteers rooms have sea views to watch the most amazing sunsets!

Work places on the Kibbutz: Resort maintenance,Resort, Dining Hall, Bananas,Subtropic Plantations, Kibbutz Dining room, Laundry, Babies, Gardening, Dairy Farm, Port Maintenance, Restaurants/Food Trucks

The living accommodation of the volunteers in the kibbutz: 3 row houses with 5 rooms each. When possible you can have your own room, otherwise 2 in a room.  Each row house has 1 toilet, 2 sinks, 1 shower. Each room has a small porch & garden. There is a clubhouse which has smart TV, living room, kitchen, bathroom & a small library w/books in many languages. 3 area WiFi.



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Please note that the information on this page is general information about the kibbutz. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed in this kibbutz. The placement in the kibbutz is decided only following an interview between the KPC staff and the volunteer, upon his arrival to our office in Tel Aviv. We are unable to commit a placement in the kibbutz in advance.