Celebrating 50 Years of Kibbutz Volunteers

Celebrating 50 Years of Kibbutz Volunteers
October 18th, 2018

Nir Meir,
Secretary General and CEO
of the Kibbutz Movement

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Israel’s Independence and coincides with the 50th anniversary of our international volunteer programme. As head of the Kibbutz Movement, I didn’t want to let this event pass without recognizing your invaluable role as volunteers in strengthening not only our movement but Israeli society as a whole. The highlight of our 50 Year celebration of international volunteers at the Kibbutz Movement will be an International conference on the theme “Volunteers in pioneering communities". The conference will showcase the history of the Kibbutz as well as explore the new ways in which Kibbutzim are facing the challenges of the modern world. I hope you will find it of interest and to meet you soon in Israel. Once again, thank you on behalf of all our members and the people of Israel.

Our first International conference

As part of the 50 years celebration for the Kibbutz volunteers program, we are inviting you to join us at our first international conference! The conference will take place on 18 October 2018 at our Ramat Efal Campus, near Tel Aviv.

The volunteer program of the Kibbutz Movement has been in the public and organizational sphere of international volunteering as a leader and pioneer for the past five decades. Hundred of thousands of ‘ambassadors’ from all over the world have met the spearhead of Israeli society.

The Kibbutz Movement's International Volunteer Program will examine the future direction for the continuation of international voluntary activity in the kibbutzim, as part of the involvement and social responsibility of individuals and organizations, based on over 50 years of perspective and knowledge. A unique feature of the volunteers' program is the fact that it is based on an encounter with the beautiful and innovative aspects of an innovative and pioneering society.

The conference's sessions will deal, among other things, with critical study of such topics as "The social and economic effects of the kibbutz volunteer program on Israeli society and the kibbutz movement", "Various models of international volunteering", " The experience of volunteering as a tool for personal growth and healthy being”, and the like.
Admission is free.

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