Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon

Yehudit Shams, Volunteers coordinator in Mishmar Hasharon Yehudit Shams, Volunteers coordinator in Mishmar Hasharon
Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon is located in Hefer Valley, in the Sharon region at the center of Israel. The community was established in 1924 by 10 Russian immigrants, who called themselves a "Mishmar" (guard, in Hebrew), and was later joined by immigrants from Poland. They founded together Mishmar Hasharon in 1933, in Hefer valley. 

The "Mishmar Hasharon Museum" tells the history of the Mishmar Hasharon group from 1924 until today. It was built in the public shower building that was used by the members until the mid-1960s. The museum contains walls describing the first years and the way of life in the group, a memorial presentation, a room that tells the story of the kibbutz branches throughout the years and additional explanatory videos. 
The kibbutz has approximately 500 members and 8 international volunteers. Its main activities are agriculture, fish ponds and chicken houses, food production, tourism and small businesses. Volunteers in Mishmar Hasharon work in the fish shop, gardening, dining room and kitchen. In Mishmar Hasharon there is a big business of food production, which is the main work place for its volunteers. The "Bordeaux delicatessen" is a kosher store selling kosher food that is located in the kibbutz, adjacent to the kitchen and dining room. 
Most of the Kibbutz members arrive to the dining room for lunch only. On Friday night and holidays there is a special meal which is served to everyone. The volunteers eat breakfast and supper in their dorms dining room. These meals they prepare by themselves: they buy the food products in the Kibbutz from the budget given to them.
The kibbutz is located very close to the city of Netanya and it is easy to get to there and enjoy its many bars, restaurants, cinemas and malls.  Netanya has beaches as it’s on the coast. We also have a mall with a supermarket, restaurants and a pharmacy within walking distance.  

Please note that the information on this page is general information about the kibbutz. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed in this kibbutz. The placement in the kibbutz is decided only following an interview between the KPC staff and the volunteer, upon his arrival to our office in Tel Aviv. We are unable to commit a placement in the kibbutz in advance.