Kibbutz Elifaz

Shelley Biton, volunteers coordinator in Elifaz Shelley Biton, volunteers coordinator in Elifaz
Kibbutz Elifaz is one of the most recent kibbutzim in Israel. It was established as a secular cooperative kibbutz by a group of Hashomer Hatzair in 1983. It is located at the edge of the southern Arava valley region, at the entrance to the amazing Timna Valley, about 20 km from the city of Eilat.

Since 2016, kibbutz Elifaz is making its first steps as a renewed kibbutz. The change opens up possibilities for the growth and development of members of the kibbutz, and enables the absorption of new members who will build their home.

Today, Elifaz counts about 150 members with an average of 40 volunteers, mainly active in the date production and in tourism. The young society in Elifaz is a dynamic group, with new ideas and personal and community development. Members of Elifaz work in the kibbutz branches and are employed in various companies in the Arava region and Eilat.

The economy of the kibbutz is based mainly on: dates and pomelos orchards, cowshed and experiential content tourism. The kibbutz has a variety of initiatives in various fields, such as solar energy, wind turbines and medical crops. 

Elifaz is a young, small and quality kibbutz, where it can be found a connection to a wealth of quiet, tranquility, breathtaking desert scenery, diverse community activities for children and adults and a family atmosphere.

Please note that the information on this page is general information about the kibbutz. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed in this kibbutz. The placement in the kibbutz is decided only following an interview between the KPC staff and the volunteer, upon his arrival to our office in Tel Aviv. We are unable to commit a placement in the kibbutz in advance.