Kibbutz Volunteers Program Center

Since 1967, more than 400,000 Kibbutz volunteers have joined us in Israel for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The values of the Kibbutz community - equality, social issues, and giving back to your own community - brought people from all over the world to participate and contribute to this unique Israeli lifestyle. As volunteers with Kibbutz Volunteers Program Center, you advance the needs of each Kibbutz and receive an exciting holiday experience. You have the opportunity to meet, live, and share adventures with local Israelis and fellow volunteers from across the globe. Through our program you will receive a comprehensive look into the Kibbutz life of modern-day Israel. For 50 years we have been the leading provider for connecting international volunteers with the full and immersive Kibbutz experience.

Join us!

Volunteers, aged 18 years old and high school graduate, have the option to choose their preferred length of stay. Kibbutzim adventures span from 8 to 12 months. For 5 to 6 days per week, volunteers have opportunities to work in a variety of trades and industries; including agriculture, animal services, factories, tourism and education.

Volunteers have the opportunity to learn firsthand about subjects such as Zionism; Judaism values and holidays, settlement agriculture and security, cooperative life in general and in the Kibbutz in specific, sustainability, multiculturalism in Israeli society, and current affairs. Empower yourself as you tackle timely and enriching subjects including leadership, social activism, democracy and involvement.

The program includes:
Housing: most Kibbutzim host two volunteers per room.
Food: three meals are provided per day.
Health insurance: volunteers purchase affordable insurance through us, covering medicine, hospitalization, ambulatory services, emergency room, etc.
Each volunteer will receive pocket money*.
Fees vary depending on placement, but volunteers can expect a fee of approximately $700**

* Amount varies per Kibbutz
** Not including flight fees, visa extension, transportation to the Kibbutz and a $100 deposit.